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What is Crowd?


Welcome to the fascinating world of Population Data Science!

Crowd exists to support its community in the quest towards better understanding and improving people’s lives worldwide.

Stronger Together

Positive things happen when people come together. Crowd is a dedicated space for everyone involved in the field of Population Data Science. It is a single meeting point for people from all of the diverse disciplines and groups currently working independently from one another within this broad field, regardless of where you are in the world.

Coming together and engaging with one another is when new ideas and areas of exploration are created. Crowd gives you the freedom in a safe and dedicated space to openly contribute towards real global impact by getting involved in the conversation.

The evolution of Population Data Science won’t happen without you!

So together let’s

  • Chat with other members freely, regardless of where they are in the world
  • Share your own particular knowledge, skills, experience and ideas with your peers
  • Showcase your work and share each small step of the Population Data Science journey
  • Learn new exciting things from your peers and continue to be inspired
  • Listen to the many discussions and to the diversity of ideas and opinions for a more rounded view
  • Find the information and resources you need to help with your own personal journey
  • Collaborate with your peers and really make your networking experience on Crowd count!

Resources in Crowd

As the central global meeting point for all things Population Data Science, Crowd provides you with multiple resources to use and to get involved such as

  • Attending courses
  • Reading the latest published articles
  • Joining webinars
  • Attending conferences and events
  • Finding the latest job opportunities
  • Accessing feely available toolkits

For group members, Crowd is the centre point for engagement with the worldwide Population Data Science community. Right here on Crowd you can

  • Host online courses (e.g. taster sessions, masterclasses, workshops, self-paced learning, CPD, etc.)
  • Run small and large-scale virtual and live-stream events
  • Organise campaigns (e.g. to recruit participants for surveys)
  • Promote and advertise (e.g. job vacancies, conferences, webinars, etc.)
  • Raise individual and group profiles (e.g. podcasts, blog posts, online networking, etc.)
  • Benefit from open data sharing (e.g. published and unpublished data)
  • Generate and nurture new leads (e.g. invite new members to join your network)
  • Create online forums for interest groups

As the hosts of Crowd, we are here to support you, encourage engagement, help you to connect with one another, and provide you with a wealth of resources. But ultimately, you are the ones who will make Crowd a vibrant and dynamic space to grow and evolve the field of Population Data Science and really make a difference. 

Together we can make real impact and transform lives!

Thank you so much for joining the Crowd.